Intensive Courses

The intensive courses are very popular for people who need to pass their driving test as quickly as possible as well as an effective way of gaining full driving status within one week. Smith Learner Drivers offers a one weekintensive crashcourse that will enable you to pass your driving test and obtain a full UK License. Smith Learner Drivers has good success rate in the intensive courses it offers to individuals.The instructor understands the substantial difference between 12 months and 1 week tuition. The instructor’s crash courses are intensive to ensure that individuals absorb important information about vehicle handling and road safety even if they only have one week to learn it. Smith Learner Drivers is based in Chigwell in Essex and excel in this area, and all students that have undertaken one of our intensive courses have always found it to be a cost effective method of learning to drive and passing their driving test. Besides, the instructor offers other intensive courses for varying needs, like fault correction, tuition and confidence boosting.

What you would expect

The course is set out based on the driveability of the individual. The instructor is customer focused and will tailor your driving lessons to your driving needs so that you can pass in as little as a week:

Start Monday – Test Friday.

1, 2 and 3 weeks courses available.

We would first book a two hour assessment lesson cost of this would be £40.00, after this we can work out the best course suited for your ability in order to prepare you for the practical driving test. After the assessment you agree with the amount of hour required you would then pay a deposit of £150.00. This will secure a test booking through us with the DVSA. Once the test date is booked we would then contact you and arrange the start date for your course. You will have to pay the outstanding balance 4days before starting the course.