Fleet Driver Training

If your company has a driver or several drivers then you have a fleet driver. You could organise a fleet driver training course. Providing fleet driver training can help your business in a number of ways including

  • Improving their road safety performance
  • Reducing your company insurance premiums and claims
  • Reducing your company fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear
  • Improving your corporate image.


Employers have a “duty of care” regarding people driving as part of their job.

Health & Safety Act

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 stipulates that employers must ‘carry out an assessment of the risks to the health and safety of their employees’. This expressly includes driving as part of work business. Employers also have a responsibility to make sure that members of the public are not put at risk by work related driving activities.

Included in this legislation is:

Employed and self-employed people Drivers using their own vehicle rather than a company vehicle for journeys to meetings, training sites, even the post office and occasional drivers or a driver doing 40000+ miles pa.

Fleet and Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007.

This Act came into force in 2008; it places more responsibility onto the management of companies and organisations. In the case of a fatality caused in part by serious  failures in Health and Safety policy & management, then criminal prosecutions can be brought against the company and its management.

Grey Fleet.

“Grey Fleet” this refers to employee’s private cars that are used for business journeys. It’s sometime believed that an employer is not legally responsible for employees if they drive their own cars on business. The two most common laws, HASWA and The Corporate Manslaughter Act make no distinction between the uses of company or Grey Fleet cars.

Five simple but effective ways to reduce fuel cost.

Reduce excessive speeding, Keep fuel savings from idling, better maintenance and lower fuel bills, improving navigation and delivery schedules and fuel slippage.

We can put together a package that will suite you company for road safety, eco fuel efficiency, driver and vehicle planning.

Excellent Companies don’t believe in excellence, only in constant improvement and constant change.

Waiting for an accident?

In 2014, the FTA (Freight Transport Association) reported 575,00 motorist were prosecuted for using a mobile phone whilst driving. Another study by GPS Systems Net revealed that underinflated tyres are a contributing factor in more than 20 percent of accidents. These kinds of accidents are especially tragic because they could all have been avoided.

As a company whose business requires putting drivers out on the road, it is likely that steps are already in place to instil better and safety. But are you doing enough? Could your Company do more to IMPORVE your drivers and their road safety?